Juliana Hermansen:
I’m not sure you’d remember us. My daughters,  grandaughter and I were in your shop April 5th.  When we left, you presented me with a bouquet of ginger and I wanted to thank you again,  but misplaced your card.  My daughter was in Maui recently and looked up your address for me. I’ve visited Hawaii twice,  and hope to again. I’ve never met people so friendly…

Head Designer at betboo 

Mary I. Schoenman:
I have already received the flowers ordered to evolution gaming  canlı casino office.  Absolutely on time…and we are on an island in NW Washington.  It was a lovely surprise to have received the flowers already.  You said you’d do it and you did !!!  Halleluja!!  They will decorate our church service on Sunday…Thank you

CFO at Evolution Gaming

Debby Rolland:
“Aloha everyone,  I received my flowers yesterday (as promised) and they are beautiful!  What a wonderful surprise in bringing a little bit of Maui to Ohio!  I passed along your brochure to my father-in-law (and husband).  If they feel so compelled to buy me flowers I’ll take Proteas any day over roses! Mahalo and I look forward to seeing you when I return sometime!  Aloha, Debby.”

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Sally Hanson
“I have to admit that over the years have I had many opportunities to purchase these extraordinary Protea bouquets for family and friends, but repeatedly have I kept them for myself. When I ordered the first bouquet, I fell in love with it and each time I make the same mistake and end up having to buy something different as I keep the bouquets for myself. I think the only way I will be able to part with them as gift is to have it sent directly to the intended person.”

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Ali Kurtul
“We ordered our Christmas Gifts for employees and corporate clients such as youwin from Up Country Harvest for two consecutive years already. People still comment on it and bahisnerde.online will make use of their specialty items and gift box bouquets again this year and the years to come. These individually made bouquets is a revelation of great expertise and wonder and both males and females find it equally pleasing. The preserved Maui Protea that I purchased two years ago still looks as beautiful as wall hanging as it did the first day. Thanks people I will continue to support you!”

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